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Less warming by less flying

Do you want to reduce your contribution to climate warming? By flying less you will even prevent double warming effects caused by not only CO2, but also contrails and other emissions. It reduces the risks of extreme weather, prolonged droughts, sea level rise and floods.

There are useful solutions for each situation:

♦   Only fly if really necessary for business, study and visiting congresses, family and friends. Then double your CO2-compensation because of the extra warming effects.

♦   Even better: waive flying if you could communicate as well via the Internet - such as video conferencing. It saves you quite some time, emissions and money.

♦   The best solution for the climate is to take the high-speed train for European trips.It's very nice and comfortable. It saves an extra journey to the airport and hours of waiting time. And it's only a bit more expensive.

♦   Remember that Europe offers train trips to touristic attractions and beaches that could compete with intercontinental destinations.

♦   Replace frequent flights by one annual trip. Then also double your CO2-compensation.

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